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Why Choose'Travel Together' with Villa Corazon?

At Villa Corazon, is a guesthouse that aims to let you truly experience the essence of Costa Rica:

  • Natural Beauty: Our location at Lake Arenal in the heart of Costa Rica offers a refreshing spring-like climate that invigorates your senses. The combination of water and wind creates a desire for adventure, inviting you to sail, surf, and kayak.

  • Soulful Surroundings: Our Villa is surrounded by a harmonious blend of jungle wilderness, tropical fruit trees, and well-tended gardens. It's a place to pause, unwind, and connect with nature. Colorful flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds add to the enchanting atmosphere.

  • Inspiration and Reflection: The Villa's serene setting has inspired many to find new perspectives and make meaningful life decisions. It's a place where visions take shape, and personal growth happens.

  • Our Vision: As owner, we're excited to expand our property's potential. We aim to do this without relying on banks, which led us to create these unique win-win opportunities.

  • What We Offer: We want to share our property and Costa Rican insights with you. In return, you gain unforgettable experiences through enriching tours, rejuvenating stays, and a chance to recharge.

Stay 9 & pay 6

'all inclusive'

  • Travelling together with 4 or 6 friends

  • Stay in Villa Corazon Oriente  with 220sqm

  • Half Board with Private Chef

  • Tea or Coffee times with Cakes & Pastries

  • Kajaks to explore the Lake Arenal

  • Jumping Fitness Latino Party on the rebound trampoline with hot rhythms and cool drinks

  • Plenty of free time to spend as you please

  • Car Rental for free exploration

  • Airport Transfer

  • Applies in high and low season

  • guided Tours & Highlights

Highlights 'all inclusive'

  • Highlight of the trip:

    • Chocolate Tour: Workshop & tasting

    • Make your own sugar cane juice

    • Visit to the sanctuary for sloths

    • Monteverde Cloud Forest: Hike through treetops on hanging bridges

    • Pacific Beach: Playa Samara, Playa Carillo, Ostional Refuge

    • A selectable tour from:

      • Horseback Riding on the Beach

      • Dolphin Watching & Snorkeling Boat Tour

      • Beginners Surfing Course

    • Night Tour: Watching sea turtles laying their eggs

    • Mangrove Boat Tour with crocodile and wildlife watching

    • Hike to four epic waterfalls

Stay 9 & pay 6


  • Travelling together with 8 friends

  • Stay in Villa Corazon Occidente 350sqm

  • delicious and rich breakfast

  • Tea or Coffee times with Cakes & Pastries

  • Two Car Rental for Free Exploration

  • Airport Transfer

  • Applies in high and low season

  • Jumping Fitness Latino Party on the rebound trampoline with hot rhythms and cool drinks

  • Kajaks to explore the Lago Arenal

  • Tours an Extras can be booked any time

  • To create an unforgettable dining experience, use our private chef, who will serve you Costa Rican cuisine with fresh from the garden,  or she cook with you interactively.

Your Win

  • Win1 Authentic Costa Rica Experience: Some activities and highlights included in your reservation.

  • Win2 'Travel Together': Better prices for your ‘Together Group’. Whether you're with family, friends, colleagues or your corporate team, you'll find everything you need on-site.

  • Win3 Stay 9 nights for 6 nights price. This offers a 50% discount on stays of 6 nights or more.

  • Win4 We offer you free airport transfer for your arrival and departure in both offers.

  • Win5 Rental car included for your independent exploration.

  • Win6 enough time and muse to enjoy the Pura Vida feeling.

  • Win7 Own ideas and wishes for your Costa Rica trip? Customize your trip to suit your needs. Just talk to us.

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