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Fancy Frühstück


An enjoyable start to the day with a savory and sweet breakfast. Let yourself be pampered with freshly scented baked goods, delicious smoothies made from local and tropical fruits and other delicacies that the country and tradition of Costa Rica give us.

Essen vorbereiten


There is something special about having an authentic experience while traveling. Cultures identify through their cuisine and it’s not just about “rice and beans”. We prepare at your preferred time or cook with you together and invite you to enjoy a delicious local dish.



Are you a lover of cakes and pastries? Then our “Pico Feliz” is just the thing for your afternoon teatime. “Pico Feliz”  means a beak full of sweet bliss. We serve you cakes, tarts and pastries as well as savory foods such as pretzels, pretzel sticks and herb bread. Vegan or glutenfree on request.

Stabilität Ball und Stretching Band



Combine vacation with fitness and health? Then you are right with us. Our experienced and creative fitness trainers cater to your individual sporting holiday goals: from morning exercise to Latino Night Jumping, a lot is possible.



Do you love the element of water? Lago Arenal offers many options: kayaks and the MiniCat (catamaran) are available on site.
Or you can explore it with other water sports such as kite surfing, SUP, wakeboarding, water skiing or motorboating. Contact us.

Flugzeug, das bei Sonnenuntergang abhebt


Airport transfer:

Our driver picks you up from International Airport Liberia, Guanacaste.
O from the capital city International

Airport Santa Maria in San Jose.

Abenteuer Fahrzeug


Be mobile, independent and safe in Costa Rica with a reliable car, whether 4x4 or 2x4 - our partners and private drivers know what is important.

vulan_arenal von oben _grün.jpg


Discover the wealth & beauty of Costa Rica:
° Adventure on the beach
° Discovery tours through the jungle
° Touring & flying with high adrenaline levels
° Nature- and bird watching & hikes
° Get to know the culture and people
° Experience the element of water

Healthy Breakfast
Image by engin akyurt


Starting the day with a fragrant breakfast on the terrace and watching the lively birds - that's pure vacation. Let yourself be pampered with a rich local and international breakfast delicacies, as well as delicious smoothies made from home-picked fruits.


option 1

Breakfast Bufett - savory and sweet

Celebrate the start of the day with a sparkling Mimosa. Plus an abounded, fresh and tasty breakfast buffet with smoothie, juice, pancake, Bretzel and bread from a local bakery that bakes according to Europe craftsmanship and with the Costa Rican hecho con amor. We also serve tortillas, guacamole, jam, dips, sugar cane honey, guacamole, fresh fruits, frigthten Plantains and hot drinks: coffee, tea, Agua Dulce or hot chocolate.

option 2

Breakfast - Costa Rica Style - savory 

The traditional Gallo Pinto. The most delicious version of rice with beans has the potential to become your favorite dish. We serve Mimosa - also non-alcoholic, fresh orange juice or smoothie, hot drincs, fried plantains, tortillas, guacamole and fresh fruits.

option 3

Breakfast - Classic Style - savory or sweet
with Mimosa, granola, Bretzel, pan, jam,  guacamole, dips, fresh fruits, juice or smoothie and hot drinks.



Coming back from the trip and being greeted with the smell of a meal ready! Or open the fridge and see it fully stocked! Or cook and tell stories together! You can enjoy your vacation and we will take care of your physical well-being and do the work.


​option 1

Delivery - Classic delivery with handover at the door.
Or we can  store it in the fridge. When you arrive from tours or aktivities, it's a snap of your fingers to warm up a delicious home-cooked meal and enjoy it in peace.

​option 2

Delivery - Your dish will be 70% delivered and the last 30% will be prepared by our chef in Villa Corazon's kitchen. This way we guarantee that it is a feast for the eyes and that the vitamins are retained.

option 3

Event - Cooking Together for children and adults.
Interactive cooking event: What could be nicer than preparing a tasty dish together while sharing stories and interesting facts and laughing together?

option 4

Event - Cooking Classes for children & adults, home at Villa Corazon. 
Do you want to learn how to make mango slices correctly? How do you make Churros traditionally? Or just bake delicious cookies? Then you are exactly right here. Your children will  prepare fancy snacks and learn to carve fruit. And you can relax in the hammock and immerse yourself in your vacation book.


Enjoy a piece of cake and drink hot chocolate with a view of the volcano or the lake - the epitome of a day on vacation! For afternoon tea we will deliver you or store it in the fridge a fragrant cake of your choice: The range is extensive: apple crumble pie, strawberry cream, banana chocolate cream cake, brownies, Linzer Torte, fruit pudding tarts,  fruit salad. And last but not least whipped cream based on soy or particularly melt-in-the-mouth based on fresh coconut nuts from Costa Rica. By request plant based or glutenfree.


option 1

Cakes with a diameter of 26 cm for
the whole family.

option 2

Tartelet with a diameter of 10 cm. A tartlet, which may also be referred to as a Tartelette is considered to be the bite-sized version of the larger Tart. So there is a suitable and delicious
Pico Feliz for every travel & familiy member.

Image by Enrique Esquinca


Pilates: ensures that your body is toned from the inside out and tensions are released.
Functional training
: holistic training method with which you train your muscles, coordination, mobility and endurance.


option 1
Morning work out - 60 min
We have a great Pilates and functional training instructor. Join us and enjoy better health and increased well-being. Move your entire body or train specific muscle groups. Write to us about your training goal and we will put together an attractive price-performance package for you.