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paradise garden

Villa Corazón - a paradise property in a unique privileged location with private beach on Lake Arenal.


Discover the unique diversity of Costa Rica's nature in our 20,000 m² tropical jungle garden. Besides the forbidden paradise fruit and lime trees, our small banana forest alone holds seven different varieties for you. In the trees and the air chirps over 100 different and extremely rare birds. As dusk falls, countless fireflies transform the garden into a fairytale forest through whose crowns the moon likes to shine.

Various winding paths lead you through the blooming and fragrant garden to the main attraction: the lakeside.  You will arrive at the ever-green beach meadow and can exclusively use this area for yourself, be it for resting, swimming or kayaking.  Also in the other direction of the house via the main entrance gate there are totally interesting hiking trails, passing a gigantic 30 meter high elephant bamboo forest.  In this area is the house's own small nursery, then you enter the banana forest and the jungle.  In between you will discover cacao bushes, coffee bushes, star fruit trees, a large kapok tree (Ceiba Tree) and much more. When the day comes to an end, the festival of smells begins. A majestic ylang ylang tree fills the nightlife with the scent of its blossoms. A little further on, the pink and white trumpet bush blooms, which here in Costa Rica is called "Queen of the night." It  exudes a fragrant aroma that stays with you until the night.

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